Do it yourself Magnum at Milan Exo

2 Months ago at the Milan Expo, it was rather hot and i walked past a curious looking stall.  Upon a closer look it was a display of various toppings and there was quite a que.



So what you do is you pay at the counter if my memory serves me right it was 5 Euros, and we can choose between white, milk or dark chocolate and they dip your choice of magnum flavor into the bubbling chocolate.  Then you choose from the dozens of toppings.  Nuts, marshmallows, sprinkles, cookies, brownies, you name it they got it!  I think it’s a very good concept, but people will probably try it once since 5 Euros for an icream bar is a bit pricey though its a great experience!



Japanese Lollipop!

Look at all the fresh colors!
Look at all the fresh colors!

We went to one of the temples in Tokyo, and one of the interesting sweets or I call it a Japanese Lollipop is a multi colored sugar syrup coating a fresh strawberry or plum and placed on a huge ice sheet to harden.  It’s got s sticky chewy texture like a soft caramel or taffy.  Super Sugar Attack!

Blue Strawberry!