Luxury Lunch at Biscotti – Anantara Hotel Bangkok

Elegant yet homey!

Last month we were invited to dine at the Legendary Anatara Hotel which is located in the heart of Bangkok.  Before it was known as the Four Seasons where i fondly remember having tea with mouse shaped cakes when I was a little girl.  I think they set themselves quite high and the pricing was acceptable in terms of quality, service and taste.  If i remembered correctly it was 790, 890, and 990 baht set lunches.  If you chose the 790 baht you got free flow of the antipasti table which was quite generous with a nice selection of cold cuts, cheeses and other antipasti.

I simply chose the 2 meal course which was 890 baht which included the antipasti buffet and 1 main course from the menu.  If you chose the most expensive one it included a dessert which I expected to be a bit too much for a casual lunch.

Lovely Olive Oil

Warm yeasty bread went really well with the peppery olive oil, and one of my favorite dishes is roasted garlic.  The delicate scent of the rosemary came through the smokey and garlicy soft paste.  Really good.


I’m not sure what this is called but it’s one of their featured  menu, it’s thin pizza bread slices with melty oozy cheese which has been griddles so the pizza dough is wonderfully crispy, hot, cheesy load of goodness.  It’s really really delightful!

You cannot stop at a slice!

The cheese selection was ok, the presentation was nice with the Parmesan cubes served in the rind but i would have preferred  more cheeses like stilton, goats cheese etc.


Some cold cuts, hams, salamis, coppa (dried beef) along with other tid bits served on the table.  I didn’t pay much attention as i was quite full with the delicious tortilla cheese extravaganza.

Small selection but of good quality!
Decent selection of caprese, roasted peppers and shrimps.

My lamb chop came perfectly medium rare and i ordered some extra black truffles.  It came with generous shaved slices and i loved the flavor, although i preferred the white alba truffles however it wasn’t in season yet.  The earthy aroma and taste went well with the strong lamb and the delicate demi glace sauce.


I think Biscotti is great for a business lunch or a special party for mummies.  It’s affordable for a bit of luxury on an otherwise a normal day.  Non pretentious food cooked well, attentive service and great ambiance.  Come to lunch!

Smoked Chicken Breasts and jumbo shrimp!

Biscotti Restaurant

Anantara Hotel

Rachadamri Rd, Bangkok