Upscale Homey Cooking – Chef’s Table

Comfy Leather seating

In the relatively suburban area of Pattanakarn – Bangkok Thailand, amids the plethora of street food and cheap eats stood a new restaurant called Chef’s Table.  Located on the 2nd floor of the Oasis Building it’s sophisticated interior stands out so we popped over one day for dinner just to see how it tastes..

Sophisticated yet homey feel to it...
Sophisticated yet homey feel to it…

Pricing is of course a bit fancy for your average dinner but consider it a special treat…  We started off with Onion Soup, which came piping hot, the consomme was rich with butter soft onions which was delish with the bread and hot cheese.  Not too strong and not too mild.  Good Start to the meal..  The Lobster Bisque was ok, but i felt it wasn’t rich enough, it was too thin for my liking.  Not bad, but just fell a bit short..

Melty Cheese on a crunchy baguette
Melty Cheese on a crunchy baguette
Not boozy, and creamy enough for my liking..
Not boozy, and creamy enough for my liking..

The salads wasn’t too impressive, it was ok for a salad stand point but then again it’s really hard to make salad into something that is fantastic..  The veggies were fresh and crispy but compared with the soup made them unremarkable.

so so...
so so…

When is a pasta dish not an ordinary pasta dish.. This spaghetti vongole was one of the best i have ever tasted, really, it was so amazing everyone fought for it and made up our minds to come back just for the pasta.  The noodles was cooked just right with a nice bite to it, but someone it seemed to have soaked up all the sauce.  It was so flavorful, light, clamy with a hint of white wine.  it was so good.


The other main courses weren’t as impressive, i felt although the lamb was cooked perfectly it seemed a bit naked, if you look at the plate you’d feel the same way.  Mashed potatoes tasted great but both arrived warm.  It is a pet peeve of mine i like my food piping hot, like it should be hot.  The steak was better, nice medium rare, the foie gras had a crunchy and buttery insides.  Redeemed the final course.  It was a nice meaty contrast with the pear, i’d say this place is worth coming back to just for the soup and vongole.  Overall a nice family meal…

a bit cold...
a bit cold…
Foie Gras.....
Foie Gras…..

Homey French Birthday Dinner at JP French Restaurant (Bangkok)

Specialties of the Day!
Specialties of the Day!

Reservations at Gaggans proved to be a difficult task since they were completely full, maybe due to the fact they ranked 3rd place in the Top 50 resetaurants of Asia.  Which to my prior experience there, Chef Gaggan Anand deserves every accolade there is, but without any regret I had the chance to suggest a French Bistro in its stead.  JP French was talked about by many groups of people being homey comfort food at acceptable pricing.  I felt it came along the lines of Chez Pape (one of my favorites located in Soi 11) simple ingredients cooked well.  Ok this is what we ate;

  1. Complimentary Amuse Bouche, one with parma ham and one with a pate.  I liked both, the pate was very dense and intense flavoured but not over powering.  Good Job!

    Duo of Amuse Bouche
    Duo of Amuse Bouche
  2. Lobster Bisque – A bit flat but tastes were fine, i preferred a creamier or a heavier bisque.  Mushroom soup is as is, mushroom.  Cream and a intense intense mushroom taste, very earthy and a great comfort food.

    Not a bad bisque
    Not a bad bisque
  3. Frogs Legs – Dad ordered it, too adventurous for me actually but they said it was just like in France.

    Looked really yummy and well presented.  Smelt lovely btw....
    Looked really yummy and well presented. Smelt lovely btw….
  4. Escargots – Over baked, it came out dried and chewy.  Sad, i usually have a thing for snails.  The buttery herby topping was under seasoned and the poor snail was well not good. A sad miss.

    Wish it was better...
    Wish it was better…
  5. The JP Chef Salad comes packed with a poached egg, slices of smoked duck breast, parma ham, duck confit and some foi gras pate on toast and of course the salad.  Personally I’m not a fan of the salad dressing, it was a clear but doesn’t really taste French to me (my preference is towards a more mustardy taste), ill admit however with hot baguettes you can turn this into a heavy lunch or a light dinner.

    Well packed with many great ingredients.  Foi Gras... Yum!
    Well packed with many great ingredients. Foi Gras… Yum!
  6. Hot Goats cheese Salad – Same salad but topped with generous goats cheese, again the goats cheese wasn’t as expected, it turned out dry.  Usually it should have been a crispy topping and a melty oozy character, this was dry and brittle.
    A sad miss...
    A sad miss…

    As seen there were a few hits and misses but so far I would rate this dinner going at a strong 6, and a 10 for service and hospitality now on to the main courses:

    1. Duck Confit – Crispy, meaty, moist.  Definite 10 10 10 10 10

    2. Steak Tartar – A hit more mustard, tabasco, salt and less gerkins this dish was also a star.  The meat was of great flavor nd quality you could taste the meat.  It has a presence even over so many of the other ingredients in the dish, alas too much capers and gerkins, i had to pick them out.

      My favorite dish of all time!
      My favorite dish of all time!
    3. Spaghetti with seafood and tomato sauce.  Not bad, but not exactly a dish to reorder.  Too tomatoey and dry.  It’s hard to explain but pasta lovers will understand exactly what i’m saying.  You couldn’t taste the seafood and the pasta was overcooked.

      A tough dish to master... really...
      A tough dish to master… really…
    4. Beef Tenderloin – As you can see in the picture it was a big hunk of meat, nicely seared and perfectly cooked.  A 2 thumbs up.  The beef here is of great quality!

      The tenderloin was huge! Compare it to the gravy boat!
      The tenderloin was huge! Compare it to the gravy boat!

    As mentioned earlier, we said the hospitality was great and it was true!  We had a complimentary creme brulee with candle compliments of the owner, very nice!  The creme brulee was excellent by the way which was why i didn’t eat the other desserts except for a spoonful of the apple tart.  Yum!

    Complimentary Birthday Creme Brulee.. Happy Birthday mommy!
    Complimentary Birthday Creme Brulee.. Happy Birthday mommy!
    Nice desserts!
    Nice desserts!

    All in all it was a more than decent restaurant, stick to the traditional dishes and you wont be disappointed.  Great pricing, great service and some above average dishes!  We will be back!

    My lovely family!!!
    My lovely family!!! (Except me..) I took the picture!