Making Japanese Curry – From Scratch

Another part of the Young Family Dinner Challenge… Making a version of Inspired Japanese Curry with no Roux Cubes, no artificial flavorings seemed like a very long challenge.  I did my research and used the following ingredients for my Japanese Curry.

1 Pound of very very sinewy beef shank

A mix of Veggies – 1 Onion, Baby Potatoes, 3 Carrots, 20 Baby Carrots — Depending on Taste & Haricot Verts Beans quarter of a Pound & 3 Apples for the Sweetness & Sauce Thickness. Half a Pound of Chopped tomatoes – Skin Removed.

Curry Flavor – Tumeric Powder, Cumin Seeds, Mustard Seeds, Paprika, Saffron & Dark Chocolate.  I flavored as i went no measurement but roughly 2 heaping table spoons of each except for the saffron – Maybe 5 strands.

First up the beef: – Marintate with Pink Himalayian Salt and Black Kampot Pepper and lightly dust with rice flour.

Sear on High Heat with Rice Bran Oil until browned – Stir in Onions for 10 mins until softened.

Pour off the excessive Oil.  Now it looks like soup….

Add water and simmer with apples and chopped tomatoes. – Let Simmer for 2 Hours Low Heat stirring gently.

At this stage the apples should smash easily….

Add all the seasonings and stir to combine.  The color should now turn quite dark. Let simmer on the same low heat for another 2 hours – Try smushing the apples into the sauce after the 2 hours.  As it’s on low heat the cooking time is much longer.  I prefer the oven but this time i wanted to try using the stove which i thought worked perfectly fine.

Gently Heat – so it doesn’t burn and everything gently cooks….

Enter into the 5th hour.  Add Carrots and Potatoes – Always cut potatoes larger ad carrots smaller to ensure similiar cooking times.  Taste after almost done – 45 minutes – At this stage i add in brewers yeast for a darker flavor and color.  You can leave this step if you prefer and add in some chicken stock if you like.  I like my curries sweet and light.

It’s delicious – sweet, mild and you can taste the richness…. See the beef sinews?

Add in the baby corn and beans – 5 Minutes and close the lid, turn off gas and leave over night.

The Beef sinews becomes like a fatty expensive cut.  It melts and breaks in the mouth with a rich fatty mouth feel without the fat.  Really nice.

Enjoy Dinner – Young Family way…..

Upscale Homey Cooking – Chef’s Table

Comfy Leather seating

In the relatively suburban area of Pattanakarn – Bangkok Thailand, amids the plethora of street food and cheap eats stood a new restaurant called Chef’s Table.  Located on the 2nd floor of the Oasis Building it’s sophisticated interior stands out so we popped over one day for dinner just to see how it tastes..

Sophisticated yet homey feel to it...
Sophisticated yet homey feel to it…

Pricing is of course a bit fancy for your average dinner but consider it a special treat…  We started off with Onion Soup, which came piping hot, the consomme was rich with butter soft onions which was delish with the bread and hot cheese.  Not too strong and not too mild.  Good Start to the meal..  The Lobster Bisque was ok, but i felt it wasn’t rich enough, it was too thin for my liking.  Not bad, but just fell a bit short..

Melty Cheese on a crunchy baguette
Melty Cheese on a crunchy baguette
Not boozy, and creamy enough for my liking..
Not boozy, and creamy enough for my liking..

The salads wasn’t too impressive, it was ok for a salad stand point but then again it’s really hard to make salad into something that is fantastic..  The veggies were fresh and crispy but compared with the soup made them unremarkable.

so so...
so so…

When is a pasta dish not an ordinary pasta dish.. This spaghetti vongole was one of the best i have ever tasted, really, it was so amazing everyone fought for it and made up our minds to come back just for the pasta.  The noodles was cooked just right with a nice bite to it, but someone it seemed to have soaked up all the sauce.  It was so flavorful, light, clamy with a hint of white wine.  it was so good.


The other main courses weren’t as impressive, i felt although the lamb was cooked perfectly it seemed a bit naked, if you look at the plate you’d feel the same way.  Mashed potatoes tasted great but both arrived warm.  It is a pet peeve of mine i like my food piping hot, like it should be hot.  The steak was better, nice medium rare, the foie gras had a crunchy and buttery insides.  Redeemed the final course.  It was a nice meaty contrast with the pear, i’d say this place is worth coming back to just for the soup and vongole.  Overall a nice family meal…

a bit cold...
a bit cold…
Foie Gras.....
Foie Gras…..