Peanut Butter + Tomato Sauce with Zucchini & Minced Pork Omelette on whole grain Toast.

A very gross sounding combination: Sesame & Peanuts for a homemade peanut butter flavored with a hint of wild honey. Low sodium and honey tomato compote or sauce on top of a zucchini and minced pork omelette on whole grain toast.

Quick and easy snack ūüôā 70 Percent Zucchini and 30 Percent Pork.

Now there was bits of leftover homemade sesame peanut butter and tomato sauce. Somehow it turned out delicious!

Peanut Butter & Tomato Sauce actually works!

Yum Cha @ TST — Cute – Cheerful -Pricey

On a work trip to Hongkong and seeing so many cute bloggers eating the most adorable dim sum i was determined to give it a go myself.

Yum Cha means to drink tea which is sort of a slang for let’s have dim sum or lunch.  This quaintly cute restaurant is on top a hotel in the TST granville road.  Perfect for girfriend chatting, first date and maybe a sibling day. 

Here is what we ate:

Cute Looking custard Buns!
Too cute to eat!

Even the menu is cute and cheerful.

There’s a little fake fish in the bowl! Tooo cute!
Char Siu Bao? Pork Bun!
Lo Pa Ko – Savory Turnip Cake

Served in a different version from what i’m used to here it’s served in little cubes with a chilli sauce and fried lotus root. Very pretty to look at and quite delicious.

Savory Rice Rolls
Piping hot, garlicky calamari – Delicious
Boiled fish in Mala – Deliciously Spicy
Interesting Green Bean with Light battered Coating – A bit oily but yum

All in all this is a pricey little establishment but maybe not for Hongkong standards but food is decent and ambiance is quite cute.

Stir Fried Beef in a hot metal pan. Tender chunks of beet in oyster sauce. Quite good.
Tumeric fried rice with beef. Interesting small grained rice but not sticky like japanese rice.

Yum Cha TST – 3rd Floor (On top of the hotel) 20 – 22 Granville Road Tsim Tsah Shui

Mantao (Bao) + Pork Belly = Gua Bao

I’m not sure how the history started but we grew up with Mantao (Chinese Steamed Bread) paired with a pork belly dish with pickled vegetables (Khao Yok) This trip to Taiwan I was determined to try some – Many opened in Bangkok and i saw a few in the USA but i felt it seemed uniquely Taiwanese although i have read that it was inspired or brought by immigrants from Fujian Province. For those who haven’t heard a Gua Bao or Bao as it’s popularised from USA is the Bao (Mantao – Steamed Chinese Bread) + Pork belly cooked til soft and in 5 spice powder + sweetened roasted ground peanuts + pickled mustard greens + fresh coriander. In my next article i will explore how to make it on my own but this is what we had in Taiwan.

Hamburger Sized at this Tourist Market

I think this store had their own take on it which consists of the traditional 5 Spice Pork Belly + A thin Peppery Pork Chop Patty + a slice of Cheese and the traditional flavorings.

You can see the Peppery Patty & The Pork Belly Peaking Out

I thought it tasted alright but if they could melt the cheese somehow it would have been alot better.

Huge Steaming Buns Ready to Go
Condiments in big pails.

Will try to create a homemade version soon, anyone with recipes please share them ūüôā

Eating Ramen Alone – The Ichiran Experience.

Working abroad isn’t bad. Working in Tokyo isn’t bad.   However when the weekend arrives this is what happens:

  1.  You live in CBD district where it’s surrounded by Offices and restaurants and Cafes that ONLY OPEN during Monday to Fridays.
  2. Colleagues spend time with Family.  Left all Alone.

It actually is a lonely feeling but after days of eating one pot noodles and what ever is selling at Lawsons or 7 – 11; due to many restaurants do NOT offer English Menus and even have signs not accepting Non Japanese Speakers you find yourself going to the Tourist Spots.  Shibuya.  Ueno.  Shinjuku etc. Japan is actually one of the most polite cultures I encountered and I’m Thai….  Thailand is a different concept – If you don’t speak the language they will guess something until they get it right.  I assume in Japan it’s not worth the hassle.

So i found myself getting off in Shibuya mercilessly trying to follow the google map. (which from personal experience and  my sense of direction had a part to play) It took me 30 mins to find – apparently google map doesn’t work so well in Japan and especially South Korea.

When you arrive its on the basement floor but theres a sign before you step down on the staircase.  Being remarkably early there wasn’t any ques as of yet.

You wont miss it! The sign is quite big.

Walking down a flight of stairs you will see a vending machine. This is how you order:

Choose your options according to preferences.
You can opt for plain or with Sliced Pork, wood ear mushroom, and seaweed.

They also have something called the second round noodles. Kan Dama – Which means after you finish your bowl they will refill it with 1 order of noodles – 190 Yen or half bowl of Noodles 130 Yen. Interesting! I assume it’s not to waste any of their thick broth. There are extras such as their special vinegar, half boiled eggs and extra onions for toppings.

Closer look at the additional toppings you can order.

After you paid, a waiter will show you to an empty booth.

Check your preference and hand your order with your receipt.
Choose how you prefer your ramen. Luckily it’s in english!
I ordered their premium vinegar. Quite pricey.

Walking to your booth there are hangers to hang up your coat as well as tissue paper and toothpick dispensers on the wall.

This is your little booth – Water dispenser is on left side.
They will lift up the bamboo divider to take your order and deliver your order.
The sides – My egg and a wet napkin is delivered first. Smells fantastic. Albeit a bit lonely.
Bowl is quite big and the red paste is a blend of some spice and red chilies i presume.

The food arrived and you can smell the porkiness. Mine was with 1 clove of garlic, extra rich soup, medium dashi and medium noddles. The noodles was on the thin side which i prefer i’m not a fan of too thick ramen noodles. The broth is very fatty. I’m sure there’s alot of pork richness in there as well as lots of pork fat emulsified into the soup and probably marrow. The mouth felt like cream. Light, yet a dense texture. The pepper paste wasn’t too spicy maybe should have ordered 10. I think the best way to go is to eat some of the noodles with the broth, then with the chilli paste and then with the vinegar to cut the richness. The egg was a half cooked egg with a slightly runny yolk, the pork felt a tiny bit dry to me although dunk it in soup and it’s fine. The wood ear mushroom i think helped give that nice texture. The vinegar has a slight body to the acidic taste. Expensive but you need some vinegar to cut through the fat. Quite an interesting experience. Lonely eating but not bad. Honestly i preferred this to Ipudo. However, i had Ippudo in Thailand so maybe it can’t be compared. Do buy their instant ramen home as a souvenir to friends and family. Maybe you can bring a bit of Japan back home.

Arrive early to beat the ques and dont get lost! Allocate about 1500 yen per person or 1000 with plain with no additionals.

Typical Fish Stew in Croatia

One of the best hearty and filling Fish Stew in the World

Croatia has one of the best seafood there is. Clean waters, local fishermen. Simple cooking. Seafood – Fish, Shrimps, Mussels, Clams, Herbs, Potatoes & Sea Water. Croatia at it’s Best!

A Taiwanese Breakfast Experience

You cannot just go to Taiwan and not experience the full on Taiwanese Breakfast Experience. We read through many blogs and wanted to try out what the fuss was about. We chose to go to Young He Soy Milk as there were so many reviews.

You can see the sign and the Ques from far away!
To Go Que

How to order? There are 2 lines. The lines on the outside are the to go orders. At the left side of the restaurant are the lines for eat in options. Get your friends to grab a table and you go inside to order.

The line snakes outside for the eat in options.
About 10 tables inside and more outside
Steaming Vats of Soy Milk on this side, the aromas make you hungry!

Now luckily there are menus in english however there are some decoding if you have never eaten this before. So tick on the paper given – We matched numbers on the english menu and when it’s your turn hand over your paper to the chefs/cooks behind the counter. (English Menu Pictures at the end of the blog.)

Tick the corresponding numbers on the English menu.
Crueller Station and the Crepes and Crispy Thicker Pancakes.

They will put your food on the trays and calculate the bill according to the food they placed on the trays. They calculate real fast! To the right of the counter there are spoons, sauce bowls etc. Grab that and tissue and start eating.

Making our order now! We ordered 4 Trays of food!
Working so fast but never splashing hot soy milk on themselves. Amazing!

At each table there are soy sauce, chilli oil, some salty bean paste and vinegar to mix your own sauce as well as salt and pepper. We made a blend of soy, chilli oil and vinegar for our table and we squished about 7 people so you can see there’s not much room for pretty picture taking.

Tiny Table for 7 people, and steaming bowls of various types of Soy Milk.

Lets talk about the real reason why i wanted to come here. In thailand we dont have salty soy milk but rather a more sweet version with some toppings like jobs tears, jelly balls, red bean etc. So i was curious about this savory salty soy milk that they call Dou Jiang here.

Condiment Tray for the Salty Soy Milk

As you can see at the counter the condiments are dried shrimp, scallions and i believe a bit of saly and sugar and vinegar to “curdle the soy milk”.

Looks like Tofu doesn’t it?

The result is a warm soft broken tofu in a savory “whey” soup? Honestly it’s like a soupy tofu soup with Yu Tiao or Crueller or Patongo as we call it in thailand – The long sticks of fried dough although i observed that in Taiwan they make it huge and long whereas In Thailand it’s more smallish in size.

You can see the huge cruelly and egg peaking our of the flat bread. Yummy.

Next order of business is the crispy flat bread wrapped around the Yu Tia (Fried Dough or Crueller) and a omelete with scallions. I think they call Shao Bing. Strangely if you put in some chilli sauce it actually tastes pretty good. The Flatbread is piping hot and crispy and with the chewy crispy Patongo and savory egg it’s kind of like a crispy burrito. The crepey one i think is called Jian Bing. Same Concept except this was more of a soft crepey version. I prefer the crispy one but other people in my crew were divided on this.

Thin crepey hotdog?
Sticky Rice Roll with Pork Floss and Egg

The element of surprise was that the most memorable dish which was completely unexpected and i must say hands down the best best most delicious dish was…

Xiao Long Bao
Juicy, soupy soft pork filling. The best i ever had.

Honestly everyone even said it was the best they ever had and sorry better than Din Tai Fung. The wrapper was not too thick and not doughy and lightly chewy. The pork was soft, oozing with juices very well seasoned and all around the best pillows of joy to eat.

The next dishes – Radish / Turnip Cake Lo Pa Ko was fine with the sauce – Now fine was quite good just the Xiao Long Bao just trumped everything. The Sweet Soy milk and unsweetened Soy milk here had a savory creaminess that we don’t really experience with bottled or boxed soy milk.

Still wondering why we ordered that lone fried egg….
Pork Bun was Soft and the filling was great as well…
He definitely prefers the crepey one….

So allocate about 100 – 150 Taiwan Dollar per person if you eat alot but definitely there’s so much more on the menu even though the english is a bit confusing…

Young He Soy Milk –

No. 102 Section 2 Fuxing South Road

Open 24 Hours a day – Monday to Sunday…

Healthy Superlicious Salad… Make Beetroot Delicious! Here’s How!

Beetroot is something everyone finds hard to love..¬† How to make it good?¬† Very Simple…IMG_20180918_0639396

Step 1:  Roast Beetroot and Carrots tighly covered in foil with some salt, pepper and maple syrup.  Slowly Roast for an hr.

Step 2:  While Veggies are roasting РCook come Cous Cous & Quinoa in homemade Chicken Stock.  When Cooked Sear some Organic Hickory Honey Pork Sausage and Mix well.

Step 3:  Boil Edamame and Chop Green Bell Peppers.

Step 4:  Slice Garlic and fry in some Rice Bran Oil until Crispy.

Step 5:  Remove Beets & Carrot РMix some juices with Maple Syrup.

Assemble Salad – Hot or Cold.



High Expectations at InkWell……

Making the trip to New Orleans for work and a quick stop over to LA just for Top Chef favorite M. Voltaggio’s new Inkwell restaurant proved to be a bit sad and disappointing.¬† Considering the miles flown for food it was a let down.¬† The hype and maybe the expectation was too high.¬† First we reserved way advance and the restaurant was quite empty.¬† Service was friendly but sometimes a bit snobby when we said the food was salty.¬† I don’t like people to tell me how the way the dish is supposed tot taste.¬† Salty is Salty.¬† Period.

Masculine Minimalistic look – Black Leather Sofas, White Walls Clean lines very sleek look.

The drinks we ordered were the blended whisky and sloe gin.  Prices were sort of reasonable i mean for the amount you expect to pay at a restaurant and from a Top Chef restaurant no less.


The blended scotch tasted ok not memorable however the sloe gin tasted like a chinese medicine brew with a coffee aftertaste.  Like not good. You can smell it and a lingering after taste in your mouth.  The menus seemed kind of reasonable for some dishes and pricey for others.  Again I ate at Craft many years ago and prices was higher although the food was impeccable.  (Skirt steak was still soft 5 hours later)


The waitress suggested 5 dishes to share for the two of us but we went a bit over board as it was a loong way from Thailand.  The waitress also said the kitchen will determine the order of the courses according to taste.  Sounded smart to me.

Heirloom Tomatoes, Watermelon, Pickled Rind, Sheeps Feta

All components was yummy.  Tomatoes fresh РLovely Taste РFeta strong and Delicious.  Yet the dish had no ooomph to it.  It was not something you remember forever.

Frisee Salad with Crispy Pork Ear & egg yolk pudding…

Of the evening this was one of the dishes that i will remember.  Simply well dressed greens РCrispy delicious Pork Ears.  And underneath.. A supremely eggy pudding/custard that was so fine, delicate without being too eggy even if it was very egg yolk.  Together the combination was marvelous.  I admit. Savoury, Creamy, Sharp Vinaigrette, Crispy Pork, crunchy greens, soft smoothness on tongue from pudding.   10 / 10

Eggy Pudding – Soft, Silky Yummy

Streeet Corn – Foritos with Cotija Cheese

Cheese was delicious and the puffy Chip was delicious.¬† Stops there.¬† The creamy corn was saltier with every bite and we informed the waiter but he said that was how it is and that it’s not salty.¬† So we left it at that.

Beef Tartare with Banh Mi Flavours

The tartare was yummy (but not memorable) we didn’t see any Vietnamese flavours aside from the asian herbs on top.¬† The mayo was the star of the dish – Airy, fluffy cloud of deliciousness.¬† I will remember this mayo forever.¬† 9/10

The interesting part of this was that the fish dishes came after the heartier savoury beef tartare. Even in the menu the meat dishes was listed after the seafood ones.

I thought this dish was rather well executed, i think the delicate tuna meshed well with the celery root.¬† However I didn’t really understand the tofu mustard.¬† Didn’t taste like tofu or mustard.

Tuna Tartare with Tofu Mustard

The balance of fattiness and the crispy celery root was well done.¬† The green powder wasn’t really needed as there was so little of it and can’t taste the flavour but i thought it was quite fun and easy to eat.¬† 9/10

Creamy, tangy and delicate Flavours.

Unfortunately things are going downhill.¬† The octopus was burnt and over cooked.¬† Like a dog’s chew toy.¬† Quite awful sadly.¬† The pasta was way undercooked – Not al dente.¬† You can see the raw pasta in the middle when you bit into it. The flavours seemed alright however i couldn’t get past the rubbery octopus and hard pasta.¬† It was very sad.

Octopus, Ink shells and Pimento

Lamb Belly and Pine nuts cassoulet and yogurt curds…

I was really looking forward to this dish.¬† I love bellys of every animal.¬† It’s fatty, rich and tender.¬† Strangely it was stringy, chewy and not a great texture of lamb belly.¬† The pine nuts felt like it’s past it’s prime.¬† When nuts aren’t creamy but has that stale taste it’s a bit of a huge let down.¬† The yogurt curds was delicious. Creamy, sourish and thick.¬† That was it.¬† Kind of heart breaking at 30 bucks for delicious yogurt.¬† Curds…..

Sadly it was a memorable evening but i remember more of the bad bits rather than the good.¬† I think it was the expectation and considering i was a huge fan.¬† I would rate the overall experience at 4/10.¬† More of an ink blot than ink.well……

Whale’s Belly – Best Unlimited Tasting Menu – Unpretentious Fine Dining

Comfy and Beautifully Cosy

On our way to another restaurant we spotted the Poster of Whale’s Belly. ¬†All you can eat weekend brunch chosen from their Brunch menu. ¬†The pictures looked very well presented and in dainty portions. ¬†We detoured and set for the restaurant. ¬†The warm welcome that we received from the staff already signaled the level of service for this restaurant. ¬†Warm. Inviting. Sincere. Unpretentious. ¬†This was a 10/10 for me already.

The drinks menu ranged from cocktails, imported mineral waters, juices, beers, virgin cocktails and coffee all ranging from 150 onward. ¬†Let me say that the honey lime soda was exceptional and worth it’s price. ¬†It was fresh, and well balanced drink – To make it perfect i think is very hard which they executed perfectly.

Starter Menu


They have a nice variety of choices that should satisfy everyone – Maybe some more non fish options would be nice but considering it’s called Whale’s Belly maybe the lean was on seafood. ¬†We ordered the Tuna, Salmon Tartare and Onsen Egg to Start with a Lobster Bisque and the Truffle Soup to start and nibbled on warm I think Charcoal and Sunflower seed bread with salted butter in a nice swirl pat. ¬†I appreciate the spreadable butter still cold but not rock hard. ¬†I believe that in fine dining restaurant this should be something that is cared about. ¬†10/10 again.

Delicious, warm and crunchy with the Sunflower Seeds.

Our first three starters arrived in succession. ¬†The salmon tartare was a pretty sight, i appreciate the generous topping of ikura. Sometimes chefs think garnishes are really a garnish but i think if it’s on something it contribute to the taste at least. ¬†If you are going to add an ingredient make sure you can taste it. ¬†And yes the saltiness of the eggs counterbalanced the creamy wasabi dressing and the yuzu cut through your tongue plus the firmness of the salmon was very good. ¬†I liked the fluffy chip on top for some texture. ¬†It was a bit different from most Parmesan chips i had this one was definitely fluffy. It was a great start definitely.


Now on to our Iron Chef winning dish.  It really peaked our interest that this dish won РIt came in a very pretty looking noodle spiral and the chunks of tuna on top.

Iron Chef Winner!

I like how the layers work together – The Blue crab was not watery and tasted like fresh gulp of the sea. ¬†I admit i think there was a bit too much capellini but it was al dente and felt like those HK abalone noodles in texture. ¬†The lumpfish caviar helped with the saltiness and the tuna was fresh and dense with flavor. ¬†This time the yuzu is cut with a more intense peppery taste. ¬†I like the spice factor with this dish. ¬†But less noodles. ¬†Let’s say this portion is 2 bites – Perfect for sharing.

Beautiful Beautiful Onsen Egg

Our third course was the warm onsen egg with beurre blanc and crispy bacon pieces. ¬†Even though i prefer a more sharper beurre blanc but this dish had a dimension of creaminess although not overpowering until it was too creamy. ¬†The crispy bacon bits gave that nice crunch with every bite. ¬†Only problem is it wasn’t a 62 degree egg. ¬†I think the yolk over cooked somehow. ¬†I think the problem with Bangkok is fresh eggs are a bit hard to find. ¬†To find a new egg to make that perfectly poached egg with complete whites will holding together if a bit difficult.


I think maybe it waited a bit too long in the sou vide and the yolk set. ¬†All in all it’s still a beautiful dish and tasted how eggs should. ¬†Creamy, buttery and bacony. ¬†9/10

Almond Slivers works so well with Mushroom Soup…. Heavenly!

I’m not a truffle oil fan. ¬†Usually it’s artificially flavored you can feel the fakeness of the oil. ¬†Mushrooms on the other hand i love. ¬†I think it’s the combination of mushrooms used to make a soup sometimes it feels grainy. ¬†This was a thick watery puree of well made mushroom pillowy goodness. ¬†The milk foam on top lent that pillowy feel. Then you crunch on an almond sliver. ¬†This is the best mushroom soup i ever had. ¬†Truffle oil… Not so much. ¬†But they should rename this the Best Mushroom Soup ever… Period. ¬†It didn’t even need the truffle oil.


Hints of  Booze.  My favorite flavour.

Lobster bisque is a tricky thing. That delicate creaminess and lobster taste with the booze. ¬†There must be a balance. ¬†I’m not a fan of those heavy roux based soups. ¬†Sometimes the flour is too much and you can taste the uncooked roux or it’s just too thick and not in a good way. ¬†This bisque was made well – Balanced Boozy , creamy mouth feel with a sweetness i figure from the carrots. ¬†Slightly too sweet for my liking but as mentioned i like boozy bisques. ¬†Everyone mopped the bowl clean with the bread. ¬†Every foodie has a mean streak. ¬†Either they like to complicate menus just to see how the chef will perform or ask for crazy food combos. ¬†I do the opposite.

Main Course & Desserts

I like to order the most basic thing on the menu and see how well they performed. ¬†Thus this is what i ordered to test the chef…. Can you guess?


Spaghetti – Garlic – Chilli

Spaghetti Aglio – I never understood why it was so appealing until i went to Italy. ¬†Before it was an oil bland tasting dish. ¬†But Italy was another story. ¬†I must say Whale’s Belly impressed me. ¬†I would prefer a bit more garlic and a more firmer pasta but they had that nice balance of dried chillies, basil and the dried tomatoes for a bit of a kick. ¬†Although i wouldn’t call this traditional it was done well. ¬†I dare to say better than 90 percent of the ones i tasted in Bangkok. ¬†Good Job. ¬†Maybe a smaller portion with the same ingredients would have made this a 10. ¬†Let’s throw another curve ball to the chef with another annoying dish made so badly in many restaurants it’s a pity.

Proudly created in Mexico

I doubt that alot of people know that it’s created in Mexico – Although the owner was Italian American but it’s not a traditional dish per se. A Caesar salad done well is a nother rarity. ¬†Usually it’s over dressed, or too little dressing – too sharp tasting – too watery. ¬†I think the perfect Caesar salad is right here. ¬†Salads need to be done right. ¬†Each leaf cleaned dried and coated with just the amount of dressing and served right away. ¬†Balance of saltiness – sharpness – creaminess i like a heavier hand of anchovies but this is a perfect salad.

Fresh greens – Lightly dressed – Didn’t overpower the crab.

Lovely РTotally Ethereal feel.  The crab was light and tasted of the sea and not waterlogged which seems to be a big problem many times we had a crab salad.  Very well done. The rocket was fresh Рdressed and gave that not overpowering bitterness to compliment the crab. The dressing was a fruity lightness that really went well and made this dish a 10.

The raviolis came under a puffy cloud of milk foam. ¬†Well i presume it’s milk foam. ¬†The buttery taste felt like creamy savory warm milk shake. ¬†Fluffy and not dense and heavy. ¬†I like that there was a lot of stuffing and the spinach was well seasoned. ¬†Sometimes you get a spinach ravioli which is a watery yucky mess.

Finally on to the main course…..

Best Sea Bass Ever!

Sea Bass is so plentiful in Thailand it became a boring fish. ¬†It’s everywhere. ¬†So again, let’s see how the chefs here made it amazing. ¬†Firstly Sea Bass is quite a delicate fish – You over cook it and it’s tough. ¬†At Whale’s Belly they made the skin so crispy like you can hear it popping between you teeth. ¬†Like you were eating a very thin pork belly in HK. ¬†Fluffy Ethereal crunch of dry crispiness deliciousness. ¬†The meat was not overcooked at all. ¬†The thin fillet was a yin yang of crispy and soft flakiness. ¬†I see the base creamy sauce here in alot of the dishes with a few tweaks to make the taste not boring so I think it’s not a crime that isn’t unforgiving. ¬†This is the best Sea Bass i had in a not Asian Way. ¬†it’s a 20/10 dish. ¬†I think the next time we come we’d have 10 of this.

Intense Sweet Peppery Sauce combined with the smoothest potato puree…

Lamb Chops are everybody’s favorite dish. ¬†My mom in particular. ¬†She wont eat lamb any other way. ¬†It’s because stewed lamb has a tendency to become stringy and dry. ¬†I stopped making lamb stew at home cause she wont eat it. ¬†Period. ¬†To my surprise. ¬†This lamb shoulder was dense and moist enough not to be dry and stringy. ¬†IT was tender and delicate. ¬†Then the peppery, sweet rich sauce kicks in to flavour the dish. ¬†The black pepper has that bitter spiciness which can stand up to the strong flavour of the lamb. ¬†I’m not sure if the Chef learned the insane Potato Puree from Joel Robouchon – It was such a smooth light buttery heaven that just mixes with everything and takes it to another level. ¬†Maybe a danger to your heart but it would sure mend a broken one.

Rolled Pickled Daikon – Wish there was more of it on the plate!

The Wagyu Cheek was alright – I think it was the superbness of all the dishes that made this poor Wagyu last. ¬†We actually ate in order – Fish, Beef and Lamb as to not overpower our palate. ¬†Poor Wagyu – The delicate pickled roll up daikon which cut so sweetly with a balanced sourness through the red wine sauce and the pull apart cheek shed a poor tear when he heard us discussing we like the other two dishes more. ¬†It wasn’t his fault poor thing – sometimes getting a 9.5/10 just isn’t enough.

Complimentary Fresh Oysters – Check in and get 2! VERY GOOD!

With barely enough room for dessert the 3 of us managed 1 Brownie and 1 Affrogato. ¬†I like crusty brownies. ¬†I’m not a fan of oily rich brownie mixes that half of what you are eating is vegetable oil. ¬†I like dark rich crusty brownies which puts up a fight with the cold ice cream.

Perfect Brownie Dessert

With sucha heavy meal i was hoping the espresso will wake me up.

It came in a cute little up with chocolately crumbs on top. ¬†The espresso was so rich rich rich. ¬†The ice cream did it’s best to soften the blow and you chomp your way through delicious balls of crunchy cookie / chocolately bits. ¬†It’s a dessert. ¬†Not a drink.

I would say for this price range it was one of the best tasting menus made to order meals i’d ever had. ¬†You can spend the same somewhere else and get a crappy pizza and half hearted pasta with rushed service. ¬†Are we coming again? ¬†Definitely. ¬†Will i spread the word around? I promise. ¬†Thank You Whale’s Belly for reminding me and Bangkok what 5 star service and a fine dining experience for a reasonable price looks like.


*** Review is entirely from my point of view and we paid for our own food.

Whale’s Belly Restaurant & Bar

39 Boulevard Tower, 2nd floor, Sukhumvit Soi 39,

Sukhumvit Road | Boulevard Tower A, 

Bangkok 10110, Thailand