Latte the beagle says Morning….

Good Morning Beagle Style
So hard to get angry when they creep up and snuggle on your tummy and legs….

Bayan Temple – Siem Reap

No Photoshopping of any kind!!!
No Photoshopping of any kind!!!

Near the Famous Angkor Wat is the Bayan Temple, (made famous by Tomb Raider & Angelina Jolie)  built in the late 12th century or the late 13th century during the reign of King Jayavarman the 7th, i believe it was abandoned and the only of one of the temples where nature took over…

Look at the Branches!!
Isn’t it just amazing!!!

It really does take your breath away.  It’s beautiful and majestic, its amazing how nature takes over civilization and finds a way to thrive and co exist.  The trees just grew on the stones that built the temple.  On the way out i encountered a group of handicapped people who were playing traditional Cambodian Instruments, it was very lovely and reminds of us how lucky we are and how people still fight to be treated as normal if not even more admirable.

Handicapped but still extremely talented!!
Handicapped but still extremely talented!!

I admit, Siem Reap has great charm and if you’re a history buff and love architecture, you will love this place!

Meaty way to end the day….

Wagyu Steak
My seared wagyu steak with sauteed mushrooms and potatoes…


All you need is a chilled wagyu steak, a lovely searingly hot cast iron pan (see the gorgeous grill marks?), butter to finish, pink salt and freshly ground pepper…   What broken heart????