Thai Omelet…. With siracha sauce

Delish and comfort food!
Delish and comfort food!

Traveling during work always makes me homesick on the 4th or 5th day.  At nice hotels they always have egg stations which offer a choice of poached, fried, scrambled or the stuffed omelet.  Now the usual omelet if you’re not from thailand would be in a long wormy shape, nice and yellow and undercooked in the middle with a plethora of stuffings.  In thailand we have our own omelet which is everyones favorite dish, be it at home or in a restaurant this dish is emptied out first.  How to make your own?  You need a hot pan and hot oil, because you want your egg to brown and have crispy spots.  Do not put in too much stuffing because your egg would break andn it would resemble a brown scrambled egg.  Trust me i’ve fallen prey to this one too many times.  I used 3 eggs, half a tomato, 6 minced shrimps and some kale.  Beat it all up together until foamy, you want lots of air inside so it becomes nice and fluffy.  I used a table spoon of soy sauce and a sprinkle of white pepper.  Drop a few drops of egg into the oil, if it bubbles up then the oil if hot enough.  Pour everything in and let it bubble for a 2 minutes, when the bottom is firm enough quickly flip it over and cook until golden brown.  Serve with siracha sauce with congee, or hot rice.  Easy dinner.  Done… PS:  Every kid loves this… really….

So delish and moreish!

Fusion Breakfast Tortilla

So delish and moreish!
Fresh, yummy, simple to make!

Breakfast is always considered important to me, and with the luxury of working rather late i have time in the mornings to cook up something yummy.  This morning rummaging up with some odds and ends, i had a leftover white flour tortilla which i heated on the pan before frying my egg.  Notice how firm the white is, it really is simple, the fresher the egg, the better it holds it’s shape.  I mashed up an avocado with lime, garlic, birds eye chilli and come coriander.  Looking in the fridge i had some leftover parma ham… Serious it sounds so weird.. But it was delish.  The guacamole gave the creamy, limey and chilli hit, combined with the salty of the ham and piping hot egg on top. I didn’t need anymore salt, just a sprinkling of black pepper and off to work i goooo!

Pan Seared Gravlax with Kampot Pepper & Carmelised Shallots

Delicious mixed with hot rice!!
Delicious mixed with hot rice!!

Returning from a holiday from the Baltics my mom carried back with her a huge half salmon gravlax.  Since i had steamed some brown rice i felt eating it raw would match, it was a busy week and i didn’t grocery shop so my fridge was bare and nothing to pair it with.  So out came my trust pan, heated high and then a slash of rice bran oil, skin side down and flipped over. (My shallots were caramelizing 10 minutes earlier)  The skin was crispy and delicious.  Now with my previous trips to Cambodia brought back jars of kampot pepper, and yes it has a deeper aroma than normal peppercorns, and slices of lime for decoration and wedges for squeezing.  Luckily i didn’t salt the fish, i suspected that curing would mean it has quite a bit of salt into it and yes it was salty.  Great for mixing with hot rice though, but now i’m wondering how much salt does cured or smoked salmon have?  It doesn’t taste salty raw but when cooked all the brine just comes out!!  Interesting…  Yum….


Fresh piping hot crab.. With dark meat gravy....
Fresh piping hot crab.. With dark meat gravy….

Life’s simple… Freshly steamed crab, dig out all the yummy brown meat, some chicken stock, garlic, carmelised onions, black pepper corns and some salt. Pour everything back in the shell, arrange artfully or in my case not so artfully on a white plate.  Garnish with dill fronds and serve…  Dig in….. YUM!!!

Superb Eggy Brekkie…..

Comfort Food.  Thick toast, crispy and runny yolky middle, crunchy bacon on the outside and a bit of lettuce and sprinkled cheese to bring it all together...
Comfort Food. Thick toast, crispy and runny yolky middle, crunchy bacon on the outside and a bit of lettuce and sprinkled cheese to bring it all together…


It really looks harder than it really is!!!  I brought a thick english loaf, buttered on both sides and start toasting it on a pan.  When one side is done, flip over and break egg into the middle.  I close the lid of the pan for a minute just until the yolk is set, i scatter the cheese, sprinkle the bacon and pop it to the grill just for a nice brown caramel on the cheese.  A sprinkling of shredded lettuce for a spot of green completes it.  It took me a total of 15 minutes to make a breakfast for 3, healthy wholesome start!  What’s important are fresh eggs, because it will hold together and not be so watery and seep everywhere.  Cheers!!!!  Happy Morning to all!

Meaty way to end the day….

Wagyu Steak
My seared wagyu steak with sauteed mushrooms and potatoes…


All you need is a chilled wagyu steak, a lovely searingly hot cast iron pan (see the gorgeous grill marks?), butter to finish, pink salt and freshly ground pepper…   What broken heart????

Laura’s Steamed Mini Burgers….

Stumbling upon copy cat recipes of White Castle Sliders on the internet, i was curious to see how different “steaming” a patty was to grilling a patty.  We were all taught to believe that the caramelisation from grilling adds flavor so let’s try it out.  I actually tweaked the recipe a little bit, i grilled the chopped onions with salted butter and a bit of olive oil with white pepper on medium low heat for about 10 minutes.  My beef patty was a mixture of chuck, brisket and lean mince with a bit of salt, pepper and paprika.  I didn’t take any pictures but i shaped it into little squares and froze it (30 mins)  with holes poked into it like white castle.  I used 2 types of bread, a soft buttery bread and a hot dog bun cut into squares.  In goes the bread in the mini oven and i placed the beef patties on the onion, and steamed fried it for 2 – 3 mins on each side and assembled it with a little dijon mustard and kewpie mayo.  I like lettuce, tomato and a pickle on my mini burger so thats how i assembled mine.  The buttery buns were my favorite although the bread was really soft and squishy… I think it depends on people’s tastes.  The beef was juicy and flavorful, i think the best is to find a good butcher, choose the cuts of meat and ask them to mince it for you…  Yum!  It was juicy without being too oily, at first i was a bit frightened with all the fat chunks in the meat but it made the beef nice and juicy.  Small Burgers are easy to eat and it doesn’t go cold before you finish it.  Plus you can change the dressings and veggies with every one you eat!

My Heat was a bit high at first....
My Heat was a bit high at first….


Buns, Buns, Buns


Can you smell the beef?


Assembling the buns…
A blob of mustard n mayo…
Yum Yum Yum!!!