A bit of luxury for Comfort Food

Ultimate Comfort Food

Who knew that Onglet or flank steak if delicious in stews! Chuck can be kind of stringy and dry, brisket is a bit too fatty but however they are the main staples of stew until I came across a pack of Onglet which was on sale and tried to use it in the stew. IT was flavorful and delicious! I decided not to use Roux this time as i wanted a more asian watery type to eat with rice and I wanted to reduce carbs as well. How did i get the nice brown color? My secret ingredient – Marmite. Really! It gives that savory meaty and beautiful brown color combined with the tomato paste. The pilsner beer was just lying around and i accidently dropped the white truffle butter intended for my baguette into the stew… Hearty meal for Covid Depressing Lockdown Days.