Healthy Superlicious Salad… Make Beetroot Delicious! Here’s How!

Beetroot is something everyone finds hard to love..  How to make it good?  Very Simple…IMG_20180918_0639396

Step 1:  Roast Beetroot and Carrots tighly covered in foil with some salt, pepper and maple syrup.  Slowly Roast for an hr.

Step 2:  While Veggies are roasting – Cook come Cous Cous & Quinoa in homemade Chicken Stock.  When Cooked Sear some Organic Hickory Honey Pork Sausage and Mix well.

Step 3:  Boil Edamame and Chop Green Bell Peppers.

Step 4:  Slice Garlic and fry in some Rice Bran Oil until Crispy.

Step 5:  Remove Beets & Carrot – Mix some juices with Maple Syrup.

Assemble Salad – Hot or Cold.




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