A meaty experience in Singapore — Ruth’s Chris


Love bread!
Love bread!

My two favorite people, both my clients or bosses treated me to a great dinner at Ruth Chris.  They said Ruth Chris made the best steak in the world.  There was a special set menu but we just ordered ala carte’ due to my tiny apetite we imagined we could share everything together.

Hot bread, soft center and yummy butter.  This was always the gateway to a delicious meal, if a restaurant doesn’t care about their bread, what can you really expect with their other courses?

Love the crisp!
Love the crisp!

Course 1:  Caesar Salad – Rather yummy well it was a caesar salad but i like the parmesan chip that came with it, ok fine, i was actually just filling myself with the bread.  You can’t stop, hot bread and butter…

Their motto was all their steaks was seared and backed in butter and well the dishes looked a bit messy but the butter and the steaks smelt divine.  This is what we had,

Laura – Ribeye (Medium Rare)  – I only finished like half, i loved the buttery perfectly cooked steak.  I hate steak that’s not well prepred, however one warning, please finish your steak fast or all the butter will get cold and you know what i mean.  The beef had a nice flavour to it, i like my steaks fatty, which is why i wanted the T-Bone but i knew i would never finish it.

Look it's ginormous!
Look it’s ginormous!
Plate a bit messy but so buttery....
Plate a bit messy but so buttery….
So well cooked!
So well cooked!

Rick – (My Boss) The fillet, probably booked medium.  It was a huge hunk of meat as you can see in the picture!  It’s like the size of my head!


Doyce – He had the fillet with jumbo shrimp.  It was served in half with the shrimp on top, for me i think the shrimp may have been a tad over cooked but i wasn’t sure.

Petite fillet is still huge!
Petite fillet is still huge!

The sides were delish – Fatty, creamy, fatty, creamy….. We had the mashed potatoes and the scalloped potatoes in cheese. Yum, yum yum!!!  Count your calories!  And then… the dessert trolley came with four choices for you to pick and i think it looked really nice…

Smooth and creamy..
Smooth and creamy..
Oh so Cheesy!
Oh so Cheesy!

Dessert 1 – Chocolate lave cake with caramel / butterscotch and a vanilla ice cream, i thought the cake was a bit floury but maybe a 7 on my scale.

Dessert 2 – I’m actually not sure, i didn’t eat any since i was full but i think it should have been an apple crumble with an ice cream on top.  All in all, it was  nice experience and this is a dinner you will leave feeling full, service was warm nice and top notch.  The food wasn’t a surprise but well prepared, Ruth’s Chris really is an  All  American Steak House.

Not bad...
Not bad…
Looks yummy doesn't it..
Looks yummy doesn’t it..



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