Pollen – Amazing Eating Experience in Singapore

During a business trip to Singapore, i stumbled upon Pollen’s Website, the new restaurant situated in the Flower Dome at  Gardens by the Bay. The menu looked whimsical and intriguing so reservations were made.  Since it was lunch it was considerably cheaper than the dinner menu and still showcased alot of the creative talent by the head chef. (Incidentally trained at El Bulli)  It costs 55++ sing dollars which i actually thought was very very reasonable for the taste, quality, decor and level of service. The decor was amazing, it really felt like we were in a garden and in a little glass covered garden.



Feels like you’re in a garden

Even the plates were decorated.

Very Whimsical
Very Whimsical

On to the food….

Complimentary:  Warm Bread with Truffled Butter and Arancini

Warm and yummy
Warm and yummy

We were served warm yeasty bread with shaved butter mounds on a little wooden platter.  Adorable.  The bread was delish and the butter was a garlicky truffled explosion of flavours, i liked that the butter was shaved into a mound, this way the butter was cold but easy to spread on the warm bread.   The Arancini was served in a box lying atop of clean grass. (hopefully)  It was served piping hot and was a yummy parmesanny cheesy oozy rice with the crispy breadcrumbs.  There was a little humous served as well but it was too sour for my taste, it should have been nuttier and richer.


Starter:  Chicken liver parfait, Verjus gel compressed apples, cocoa and peanuts.

Creamy, yummy and beautiful to look at.
Creamy, yummy and beautiful to look at.

Pates has always been a favorite of mine, i’ve always appreciated liver being elevated to something elegant than just boring old liver.  At Pollen, they took it out of this world, the light creamy liver paste (pate) was hidden under a slice of compressed apple.  I think it was dried or shrunk (compressed) and t intensified the apple taste.  I liked the different textures on the plate, the balsamic offered a sharp sweet and tangy contrast, the sago pearls was there for a different mouth feel, the balls of verjus and the bitter cocoa powder just made all the single ingredients shine.  It was beautiful to look at and to me was one of the perfect dishes i’ve ever eaten.

Main:  Slow cooked Kurobota pork belly, red cabbage gel, pickled green mango, early grey and apple foam.

Tangy, sour and melt in the mouth pork belly
Tangy, sour and melt in the mouth pork belly

This dish brings me to germany.  The red cabbage gel reminds me of sauerkraut; it’s got that pickled sourish taste to it and i loved the purple color.  Buried underneath the foam was small pieces of green mango, another component which gave a dimension to the dish, i didn’t really appreciate the foam because i didn’t like how the tea went with all the other flavors.  Now personally, it was another beautiful dish however i thought the portion was a tad small, it really melted in your mouth but i would have preferred a crispy top or more of a sear.  All in all it was still ranking at least an 8.  I loved the playful attributes put to work in every dish.  Wait till you see the dessert.

Dessert: Strawberry (roasted oats, fennel pollen, sansho pepper and goats cheese)


So Yummy!
Dark plum, Chocolate, pomegranate - My friends dessert
Dark plum, Chocolate, pomegranate – My friends dessert
Dessert Bar, you can watch them make your dssert!
Dessert Bar, you can watch them make your dessert!

Dessert was a show stopper, i loved how it was completely different from what it was called or what it seemed.  We got to sit at the dessert bar and watch them make our desserts.  Min was a combination of fennel icecream, goats cheese, a nutty crunchy flan type biscuity thingy with a flat strawberry puree and fresh strawberries.  It was savoury, sweet, beautiful to look at.  It’s a definite 10 in my book.  Yummy with the black coffee.  It costs me and my friend around 140 SNG total.  Definitely give it a go.

Also, you can choose to have a tea instead of your coffee, i think it costs extra but they wheel a cart to your table and you can choose all the different fresh herbs which they will steep in your tea.  Cute…

Herb Tea Cart - You can choose the fresh herbs for your tea
Herb Tea Cart – You can choose the fresh herbs for your tea

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