Yummy Authentic Northern Thai Food

Spicy Roasted Chilli & Eggplant dip with boiled vegetables
Roasted Fresh Shitake Mushrooms with lime
Stir Fried fresh local greens with garlic, chillis and oyster sauce
Thai omelette with minced pork
Stir fried chinese influenced vermicelli noodles with veggies, tofu and bamboo shoots
Minced Pork with fried garlic infused and flavored with cumin, fried garlic, chillis and many thai herbs.
Local veggies and herbs
Hot sticky rice

Northern Thai cuisine has alot of chinese influences, note the way we eat is the sharing method with all the dishes in the middle with or without a separate spoon.  Everyone helps themselves to whats available and eats from their plate.  Steamed rice is served separately on each person’s plate but people who prefer sticky rice may have their own little container of piping hot sticky rice for themselves.  Northern Food is somewhat bland in flavor due to the chinese influences so very much not that spicy.  A typical thai meal consists of a veggie / herbs basket, chilli dips, veggies, rice and maybe a soup.  It was too hot so we omitted a soup today.

Happy Eating!


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