Lasso – (Last night in NYC)

We stopped for a quick bite, me, him and my sista on the way to Happy Endings (A club that used to be a Chinese massage parlour for last night drinks)  We were trying to find some other pizza place but oh boy it was yummy but it was cold and we were hungry.  We ordered only two dishes because the portions in this country seems to feed an army not 3 tiny asians.  I ordered the carbonara, just wanted to see how different it was, and a pizza with meatballs, cause my sis said it’s a crime not to eat meatballs in the usa.  I must say, great job on both counts, the carbonara was made with heavy cream i supposed which isn’t available in Thailand so carbonaras back home isn’t this thick.  The pizza was thin crusted, sauce was tomatoey and fresh and the meatballs tasted delish.  I would find this place again.  I wish i could have tried the tiramisu, but was just too full.  I think NYC is full of little gems that doesn’t need to be one of those highly rated, everyone’s talking about it with long ques and celebrity chefs filming there.

       IMG_2741IMG_2742Table Setting


 IMG_2753 IMG_2744

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